Monday, October 26, 2015

McLuhan says "the ear favors no particular 'point of view.' We are enveloped by sound. It forms a seamless web around us. We say, 'music shall fill the air.' We hear sound from everywhere, without ever having to focus. Where a visual space is an organized continuum of a uniformed connected kind, the ear world is a world of simultaneous relationships."

I created this one minute sound montage by splicing twelve voice recordings taken over the past three years. I decided to focus on a sound that made me happy: laughter. It is a universal human expression that brings people together and cultivates happy and healthy environments. It symbolizes a state of freedom and loss of control. The release of laughter is raw and pure. It is liberating to let go and laugh without restrain. Hearing my friends laugh in unison is kind of overwhelming. The piece feels chaotic and untamed, but I still think the sound evokes happiness!
So, let laughter fill the air! 


  1. I really love how perception of this piece changes as it goes on, from seeming genuine to fake to almost sinister, even though the piece itself isn't intended to suit any of those adjectives. It's an interesting thought experiment in how our brains are programmed to perceive things.

  2. I really liked how you made laughter the actual subject of your soundscape. Usually the focus in situations where everyone's laughing is the thing that was funny in the first place. It's strange that laughter can be something we gloss over in regular conversation, and to me that made the laughter in your soundscape sound unfamiliar in a way. Nice idea!